ZF Twitter Slider

ZF Twitter Slider is a joomla module which allows you to display Twitter into your joomla site, support both joomla 2.5 vs joomla 3.0. ZF Twitter Slider can display latest tweets inside slider from a twitter username.
it is possible to customize the number of tweets to display, hide or show pagination, navigation of twitter slider, hide or show user avatar, link avatar to twitter id, show tweet time. Also, you can enable caching data to display faster

Key Features:

1. Embed timelines using only a username
2. Show latest tweets inside a twitter slider
3. Responsive slider
4. customize the number of tweets to display
5. Using Twitter 1.1 API with authentication
6. Supports caching data to display faster
7. Compatible with joomla 2.5/3.x

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Version 1.0 :
  • Initial Release
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